Component 1 - Prevention & Adaptation Investments

This component is designed to reduce physical vulnerability and pilot adaptive measures to build resilience to current and future hydro-meteorological shocks. Initially, the Project Appraisal Document (PAD) outlined four (4) main activities, namely:

  • Construction of water storage and distribution infrastructure,
  • Rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure (Road Works Eastern Island,
  • Slope Stabilization (Dubique), and
  • Construction of Storm Drains in selected areas; however following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika, the Cabinet approved re-allocation of funds from slope stabilization and storm drains to the Road Works Eastern Island. This action was necessary as significant additional damages occurred to the East Coast Roads. Hence, under Component 1, the approved activities to be implemented are as follows:
    • Construction of Water Storage Tanks and Distribution Infrastructure
    • Rehabilitation of Transportation Infrastructure (Road Works Eastern Island)
    • Construction of Met Office Building

Component 2 - Capacity Building & Data Development, Hazard Risk Management

This Component will support the creation of relevant core data and data collection systems as well as the integration of analytical tools to permit improved decision-making and engineering design for risk reduction and climate change adaptation. The activities under this component will see the development of data collection systems including:

  • Creation of high resolution digital topographic and bathymetric model;
  • Creation of a high resolution survey map;
  • Design and deployment of robust Hydromet network;
  • Development of district and community level climate adaptation plans

Component 3 - Natural Disaster Response Investments

This Component would support carrying out of emergency recovery and reconstruction subprojects under an agreed action plan of activities designed as a mechanism to implement Dominica's response to an emergency. This contingent emergency component would be triggered by an official Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica declaration of an emergency, in accordance with the country's laws and policies, following an adverse natural event. A specific Operations Manual would apply to this component, detailing financial management, procurement, safeguards, and any other necessary implementation arrangements.

Component 4 - Project Management and Implementation Support

This Component supports strengthening the institutional capacity for Project Management including:

  • Strengthening the capacity and staffing of the PCU;
  • Preparation of investment designs and tender documents'
  • Preparation of project reports;
  • Processing of contracts and tender evaluation;
  • Coordination of participating line ministries;
  • Supervision of the quality of works;
  • Provision of training of staff of the PCU in project management and implementation support;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project progress and results;
  • Carrying out related activities on project management and implementation, all through the provision of technical advisory services, training and operating costs, and acquisition of goods