Terms of Reference and Scope of Services




Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project


Terms of Reference






The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica received financing from the International Development Association (IDA) and the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) and Strategic Climate Fund toward the cost of the Disaster Vulnerability and Reduction Project (DRVP), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consultant services. The project has a significant construction works component as well as other procurements and activities related to institutional strengthening and capacity development.  To support activities under this project, the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GoCD) wishes to engage the services of an Environmental Specialist.  The Environmental Specialist will be assigned to the Ministry of Environment, Rural Modernization and Kalinago Upliftment with oversight from the Ministry of Finance and will be responsible for environmental safeguards under the DVRP. 


The purpose of this consultancy is to provide environmental support to the PCU (Project Coordination Unit) for the program's implementation to ensure compliance with the Bank’s Environmental Safeguards Policies and the environmental laws of Dominica, as described in the EA-EMF (Environmental Assessment and Environmental Management Framework) prepared for the DVRP.  During the planning process, proposed subprojects or activities must be screened, scoped, and assessed, and contracting language prepared to include environmental management plans.  In addition, some projects will be relatively complex or have potential negative impacts on sensitive habitats, thus requiring further assessment or feasibility studies (including Environmental Impact Assessments or EIAs) which must be scoped and coordinated with the Bank, with nearby communities and affected parties, with Line Ministry staff, and with NGOs.  Once project activities begin, there is a need for periodic field supervision of contractors, reporting to other agencies and Ministries, and coordination with the Bank.    




The consultant is expected to implement, and report upon, the activities described in the EMF. Specifically, the consultant will:


  • Assist with the screening and application of mitigation measures, contracting language, and environmental plans for individual subprojects;   
  • Screen proposed projects for: impacts on the health and quality of forests, rights and welfare of people, and changes in the management, protection, or utilization of natural forests; potential impacts to physical cultural resources; and impacts to natural or critical habitats;
  • Examine and evaluate all activities proposed by individual subprojects to assess the potential environmental risks or impacts, to determine mitigation measures needed, based on the EMF, as well as any additional mitigation and compliance measures from local permit requirements;
  • Identify complex or sensitive projects that require additional feasibility studies or EIAs as described in the EMF;
  • Assist in the preparation of Terms of Reference for studies, coordinating with selected contractors or staff to ensure the studies are carried out adequately, in conjunction with the World Bank environmental specialist; 
  • Assist with contracting documentation to ensure that applicable mitigation measures are included, and assist contractors or line Ministry staff to ensure that mitigation plans are being carried out;
  • Conduct field appraisal and review of subproject specifications, setting and site conditions to ensure that environmental aspects are appropriately addressed in planning, contracting and environmental mitigation plans;
  • Conduct field supervision, monitoring and inspection of individual subprojects to ensure compliance with the mitigation measures required, World Bank policies, and Dominican law;
  • Development of compliance checklists and supervisory guides for field inspections;
  • Periodically report on ongoing works, planning efforts, compliance and other aspects requiring attention and assist the PCU in review and preparation of the environmental aspects of annual reports as necessary.


Duration and Estimated Time Input


The Consultancy is expected to be awarded for a period of one year.  The assignment is expected to commence November 2020 and is to be renewable annually as the DVRP project continues through its project cycle. 


Qualifications of Consultant


The consultant will have the following minimum qualifications:


-          A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in natural sciences, engineering or related discipline;


-          Demonstrated experience of a minimum of 3 years in the field of environmental planning, compliance, inspections, reporting, assessments with emphasis on civil works;


-          Excellent knowledge of English with fluency in reading, preparation of technical reports and general writing;


-          Demonstrated ability to work in teams and communicate effectively;


-          Demonstrated Knowledge of World Bank Environmental Safeguards policies would be an asset.