The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GoCD) has secured financing from the International Development Association (IDA), the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) and the Strategic Climate Fund towards the cost of the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction (DVRP). The project has a significant construction works component as well as procurement and other activities related to institutional strengthening and capacity building which has been formulated in keeping with the country’s Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR). 

Towards this end, the Government has established a stand-alone Project Coordination Unit (PCU) comprising key staff to advance the implementation of the DVRP. The position of Procurement and Contract Management Specialist is now vacant and the GoCD is desirous of filling this position. 


Objectives of the Assignment 

The Procurement and Contract Management Specialist will be required to perform relevant procurement activities, supervise the international and national bidding process for goods, services and civil works; prepare and submit bid evaluation reports, negotiate contracts and make recommendations for award to the Government in keeping with the World Bank Procurement Guidelines. 



The Procurement and Contract Management Specialist will assist the Government in all contracts and procurement related matters, and provide procurement and contract management services for the various components of the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP).  He/she will assist the Project Coordinator with the preparation and negotiation of contracts for all project components and with consulting firms and consultants, suppliers of goods, and contractors.

The Specialist will develop effective contract administrative and monitoring procedures, and will train staff to apply them, and will be responsible for preparing all periodic reports on project procurement status. 

The Procurement and Contract Management Specialist will report to the Project Coordinator and will be responsible for the procurement and contract management aspects of the Project, as well as with the general implementation aspects as needed. This will require, among others, working closely with the PCU Technical Specialists, other line ministries and agencies involved in the implementation and coordination of different project components, and the preparation of financial plans and budgets for the implementation of the components.


Main Tasks 

- Prepare annual procurement plans and ensure their timely implementation and review/revise as needed, in coordination and cooperation with the Project Coordinator and PCU Technical Specialists and have them approved by the World Bank (WB);

- Regularly review and revise/update the project procurement plan (PP) and corresponding budget for approval and monitoring purposes, including all relevant details as Review method, procurement method, market approach, and dates. Revise in collaboration with the Project Coordinator, PCU Technical Specialists and if required relevant Ministry/Department and submit to the WB for no-objection if necessary;

- Prepare in coordination with PCU Technical Specialists, Terms of References (TORs) for individual consultants to be engaged within the Project and other Project related consultancy services;

- Coordinate with PCU Technical Specialists and relevant Government personnel if needs be for the preparation of Terms of References (TORs) for consultants and Technical Specifications, Bid Documents and Bills of Quantities (BOQs) and other bidding documents as necessary. for procurement of goods, works and non-consulting services;

- Prepare the administrative parts of the bidding documents and Requests for Proposals (RFP) for procurement of goods, works, consulting and non-consulting services based on technical information, specifications and quantities provided by Technical Specialists and transmit the documents to the World Bank for review and no objection;

- Provide support in preparation and review of Bidding Documents, Request for Proposals (RFP), and Expressions of Interest including preparation as per WBG approved standard documents.

- Ensure timely publication of General Procurement Notices (GPN), Specific Procurement Notices (SPN), and requests for Expression of Interests (EOI) as required in the national newspapers/Official Gazette and Development Gateway’s dgMarket/UN Development Business Online, for the procurement of goods, works and services required for the project and ensure timely publication of contract awards;

- Initiate and coordinate the procurement process for any procurement method, and provide support in the selection of the shortlisted consultants and pre-qualification of suppliers or contractors where necessary; 

- Prepare in collaboration with PCU Technical Specialists evaluation criteria for individual consultants, consultancy services and transmit those documents to the World Bank for review and no objection/clearance;

- Coordinate and respond to inquiries from bidders and consultants in a timely manner;

- Conduct pre-bid meetings and/or site visits and prepare minutes;

- Conduct the bid opening procedure and prepare minutes of bid opening;

- Organize evaluation of Bids and Consultant proposals. Advise and guide the Evaluation Committees and Technical Specialists on WB Procurement and Consultants' selection procedures. Take part in the Evaluation Committees, as necessary and feasible and assume the role of the Committee’s secretary if required. 

- Prepare the minutes of the evaluation committee meetings;

- Prepare bid evaluation reports and proposal evaluation reports in collaboration with Evaluation Committee and Technical Specialists and transmit evaluation documents to the World Bank for review and no objection;

- Undertake contract negotiations if applicable;

- Prepare relevant Contracts for procurement of works, goods, consulting and non-consulting services for the project and ensure timely distribution of all relevant procurement and contract documents to relevant stakeholders (Government, Accounts Department, Technical Officers, Consultants, Suppliers, and the Bank);

- Perform final check-up of the contracts before disbursement; 

- In cases of procurement actions requiring the Bank’s “no objection”, coordinate the dispatch of procurement documents to the Bank, monitor the Bank’s response time on issuing “no objections” at different levels of the procurement process and follow-up accordingly;

- Develop and implement administrative and monitoring procedures for effective supervision of works (earned value, application of escalation clauses, payment procedures, technical assessment with performance indicators to be developed and link with financial monitoring, chain of command for required actions with clear responsibilities assigned to individuals) on the basis of a standard spreadsheet or acceptable electronic model for all concerned Implementing Agencies.

- Prepare relevant procurement-related correspondence and coordinate procurement matters with the World Bank, project beneficiaries, contractors and suppliers of goods and services;

- Ensure the forwarding of copies of signed contracts to the World Bank to facilitate disbursement

- Monitor the progress of contract implementation to ensure that it abides by the stipulated standards, procedures and planned procurement timetable (Items: Project Schedule, Project Budget, Project Reporting, Technical Procedure, Contract Management);

- Monitor timely receipt of the Goods, provisional acceptance of works and consultant’s reports in keeping with contractual requirements before issuing final acceptance certificates;

- Monitor the receipt of the Suppliers and Consultants invoices and ensure the request does not exceed the contract allowance based on work completed or goods supplied;

- Assist in dealing with any claims during implementation or any dispute or arbitration arising from performance of the contractors/ suppliers/ consultants;

- Establish and maintain an efficient procurement and contract management tracking system to ensure quick retrieval of procurement information by the visiting supervisory WB missions, annual audits etc.;

- Develop, update and maintain the Project’s procurement filing system, and ensure timely input of all relevant documents in their respective files;

- Establish and maintain an inventory of final destinations of all goods/equipment procured under the projects;

- Maintain a Register of qualified suppliers, consultants and contractors and ensure periodic update of the Register;

- Provide procurement training for PCU Staff, Committee Evaluators and staff of Beneficiary Agencies that might be appointed for implementation of the Project;

- Prepare and submit for Bank review periodic procurement progress reports, keep list of completed, on-going and planned contracts and keep updated list of contracts subject to the World Bank post review;

- Prepare a final report of all the works executed;

- Assist the Project Coordinator regarding other procurement issues of relevance to project implementation;

- Participate in World Bank missions;

- Perform other duties as required or assigned by the Project Coordinator. 


Specific Responsibilities:

In addition to the above areas, the Procurement & Contract Management Specialist will:

- Establish and maintain records of, and monitor schedules and compliance with, procurement procedures pertinent to International Competitive Bidding, Limited International Bidding, National Competitive Bidding and Shopping under the PPCR/DVRP for all goods, works and non-consulting services including training and RFP’s as per applicable method including expert services.

- Establish and maintain records of all schedules and bidding documents on procurement under the PPCR/DVRP, for processing and for the file records of the PCU.

- Prepare and submit to the Project Coordinator, bidding documents for procurement of goods, works, consulting and non-consulting services under PPCR/DVRP, and prepare for forwarding to the Bank, as appropriate, the necessary documentation for their review.

- Keep up-to-date on all procurement procedures as are outlined by the IDA procedures under the Agreements.

- Work closely with the PCU Financial Management Specialist, Project Coordinator and Technical Specialists in preparing budgetary estimates and in ensuring timely and complete documentation of actual expenditures incurred in relation to procurement of civil works (including professional fees), goods and services.

- Prepare procurement related section for inclusion in the quarterly progress reports, and other reports/information as may be requested by the PCU Coordinator and in any forms [reports/diagrams] that might be required by the Project’s needs.


Minimum Required Qualifications and Experience

1. Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Law, Economics, Project Management or a related field.

2. Minimum five (5) years experience related to procurement of goods, works and services with at least three (3) years experience with donor-funded procurement (WBG, CDB, EU, IDB, etc.) and proven knowledge of procurement regulations/guidelines used by international donors.

3. Practical experience in application of World Bank or other Multilateral Bank’s Rules and Regulations, use of bidding/tender documents and consultant’s selection procedures and documents.

4. Experience in contract management of goods, services and works contracts, including handling claims. 

5. Knowledge and training in World Bank or other Multilateral Bank’s Procurement Procedures and Regulations would be an advantage.


Required Skills:

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, organization and time management skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in teams within a collaborative mode;
  • Integrity and confidentiality;
  • Advanced computer (PC) skills, especially in Microsoft Office or related software;
  • Strong Analytical and Report Writing Skills;
  • Fluency in English Language with excellent written and oral communication and listening skills.


Reporting Arrangements 

The Consultant will report directly to the Project Coordinator of the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction project/Project Coordinating Unit, Ministry of Health and Environment.


Terms of the Assignment/Contract Duration

The period of the assignment would be for one (1) year in the first instance and will be renewed subject to satisfactory performance reviews. The Consultant shall be engaged on full time basis, eight hours a day, and five days a week. A six (6) month probation period will be included.


Expression of Interest:

Applicants whose qualifications and experience are in line with the Terms of Reference are invited to submit their applications with detailed Curriculum Vitae (hard copy and or electronic) no later than Tuesday, May 2, 2017, to the addresses below:


Mr. Davis Letang

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Health and Environment

Top Floor, Government Headquarters

Kennedy Avenue, Roseau

Commonwealth of Dominica

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Copied to:

Mr. Collin Guiste

Project Coordinator

Project Coordination Unit

Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project

38 Cork Street (First Floor), Roseau

Commonwealth of Dominica

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.