Under the DVRP, one of the project results is the creation of a robust hydro-meteorological network for the Commonwealth of Dominica.  To facilitate realization of this goal, the PCU has contracted a consultant to produce designs for the new Meteorological Office building.  Initially, the scope of works and budgetary assignment was based on the building being located at the Melville Hall Airport; however, following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015, this decision was re-visited because of the susceptibility of the location to flooding.  With support from the Lands & Surveys Division, Physical Planning Division and the Ministry of Public Works and Ports, a submission was made to Cabinet for favourable consideration in favor of a lot adjacent to the Office of Disaster Management in Jimmit.  This proposal was approved and the PCU commenced procurement procedures for contracting a consultant for design and supervision of the building.  The Consultant was contracted in keeping with the World Bank's Procurement Guidelines.

Presently, the PCU received preliminary designs and following discussions with relevant stakeholders have instructed the Consultant to proceed with the detailed designs.  The construction of the Meteorological Office Building is the first phase in the development of the hydro-meteorological network.  Under Component 2 of the DVRP, the Met Office will receive related equipment.  

The second phase involves contracting a Consultant for the Preparation of Detailed Hydro-meteorological Specifications and Design of the Network.  The Consultant is expected to commence work in January 2017.  Information on this consultancy will be reported under http://dvrp.gov.dm/dvrp-in-action/capacity-building-data-development-hazard-risk-management.