The Hydrometeorological Working Group comprised of representatives from the DVRP Project Coordination Unit (PCU), Dominica Meteorology Services, Dominica Water & Sewerage Company (DOWASCO), Forestry Division and Lands & Surveys Division conducted hydrometeorology site visits to twenty-two (22) rivers and four (4) DOWASCO water intake sites.  The main reasons for these visits are to determine exact locations for the installation of rain gauges, stream gauges and automated weather stations; and plotting these locations using GPS for optimizing national hydro-meteorological monitoring and forecasting. 

The Hydrometeorological Working Group conducted assessment of the following rivers:

  •   Springfield River
  •   Deux Branche
  •   Fond Melle/ Castle Bruce
  •   White River
  •   Concord
  •   Melville Hall River
  •   Hodges/ Calisbishie 
  •   Blenheim
  •   Mahaut
  •   Massaccre
  •   St. Joseph
  •   Layou
  •   Indian River
  •   Copthall
  •   Roseau (Bath Estate/Elmshall)
  •   Coulibistrie
  •   Pagua River (near Concord or Stonefield)
  •   Canefield/Boeri River (River Estate)
  •   Castle Comfort River
  •   Loubiere River
  •   Delices
  •   Giraudel (at DOWASCO intake)
  •   Wotten Waven Water Intake
  •   Morne Prosper Water Intake
  •   Laudat Water Intake

Upon completion of the site assessments, a determination will be made on the feasibility of each site before detailed surveys are done regarding the amount of land required and to develop site layout for each site. To this end, a consultant was contracted to prepare detailed specifications of technical instruments and undertake the hydrometeorological network design for Dominica.  One of the expected outputs of this exercise will be an early warning system for the country.